Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Final Countdown.

Only 4 more days until Christmas. Found out one of my presents won't be arriving until the 24th most likely, which is really useless because I have to send it to my sister who lives in Illinois. That is what all of my procrastinating gets me. Oh well, I'm doing belated Christmas presents this year I guess. So yeah the day was very, very busy. I got up and did some house work and went grocery shopping and then I had a friend over and chatted and I went straight into cooking mode. I made a cherry and pumpkin pie, which turned out fabulously, and then the main course was smoked ham, red potatoes mashed with cheese on top, green & black olives, rolls, cranberry sauce shaped like a can, pickles, and corn. It was all rather plummy and delicious. I had some friends over for an early Christmas dinner and we had a rather lovely time chatting and eating ourselves away. That entire process and everything involved with it took up my entire day without really any relent, so yeah there wasn't any time for writing. Hopefully tomorrow will be different and I'll get something done. A long time ago for Christmas we were visiting my father's parents for Christmas and the present that they gave me was a coca-cola stuffed polar bear. I called him Fluffy and to this day I still have him. Right now he's sitting atop my bookshelf, and he was the one who accompanied me on the trip I made when I moved out to California. He sat in the passenger seat with a hat and some cool shades. I wonder what that border patrol officer thought when he stopped me at a checkpoint in New Mexico?

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