Friday, December 3, 2010

Didn't I Just Finish my Work Weekend?

Blah. Blah. Blah..........I am so tired right now that is what I feel like. And for the life of me I have no idea where the time went this past week. It does only seem that I was at this same exact spot not too long ago. The kids I work with often complain about how slow time goes by. I wish it were so, because time seems to be flying by faster than ever. It is rather frustrating especially when one has so much to do and so little time to do it in. I thought I could be productive today where writing is concerned, but I really felt like...well honestly I felt sapped of everything in me and I don't really know why. It is actually quite vexing, but what can ya do. No writing was done today at all. I was tempted to edit some of my second book, but I again remembered what chapter it was and was filled with dread. This was a chapter back when I was writing it that took me a very long time to complete. When I finally completed it I joked that I got out of the mountain in which I was stuck for so long, and the characters are actually traversing through a mountain. There are so many details that I'll probably just have to re-write and I wasn't up to the challenge today. I watched 1492: Conquest of Paradise which is a Ridley Scott film about Christopher Columbus and his early exploits to the new world. I was going to write a review of the film, but as I mentioned above I really felt blah. I hope that I am not getting sick again. It was a good film and had a lot to it; the scope was massive and the characters diverse and many. More on it though when I post my review. There is something I keep forgetting to post and that is that Irvin Kershner died a few days ago. He directed The Empire Strikes Back which is chronologically the fifth Star Wars film in the saga. It happens to be my favorite of all the films. He was a talented director and good man from what I understand. The world of film will miss him deeply. Striking a different note. Another good Christmas memory, since our countdown is now 22 days until Christmas, is when I was with two of my sisters, mother, and now ex-brother in-law. We were at my sister Paula's apartment where she and her husband lived, but they didn't have a dining table so we ended up eating Christmas lunch/dinner on their rather sizable coffee table as we all sat on the floor. My sister, Paula, was a little upset at this, but we ended up having a blast and I think I about laughed my head off because of some movie quote that me and my sister shared. Good times.

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