Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After.

You know it was the strangest thing in the world to all of a sudden remember at midnight yesterday that I wanted to blog and then realizing that it was too late since the day was over. That sucks. Now its my own fault that my blog will not show 31 days for December, and Christmas day would have been relatively easy to write about as well. Oh well. My countdown was concluded obviously, although this past Christmas day wasn't necessarily packed with pleasant or fond memories to remember. I was at work all day (I did volunteer for it) and although it wasn't all that bad, some children had huge difficulties behaving and enjoying the day. The morning was quite hectic; you ain't seen anything until you've seen 7 emotionally disturbed children all open their own big bag of presents at the same time. Everything had to have each kid's initials on it, had to throw away all of the garbage, get batteries for everything, smile and nod the whole time, and then get all of the kids to put their stuff in their rooms. By this time it was about 9:15am and I still had the whole day to go. Blah. Aside from that it was an okay work day. This one SED occasionally had a melt down, but she eventually was able to cope with her crap. I got home later that day, showered, watched a film and went to bed. No writing done, but it was Christmas so I'll allow no work being done. Today I had off because I worked a double on Christmas. So I went to church and had a lovely time, came back ate some lunch and watched some Clone Wars: Season 2 after which I edited a chapter of book 2 of a Warrior's Tale Trilogy. I called me mum and chatted for a while and then spoke with one of my sisters. By this time it was evening and I made some cookies and pizza and watched Doubt. Earlier in the day though I played a little of Red Alert 3. I know it is a computer game and I'm a mature grown man, but I've been playing the series since the mid-nineties and just had to find out what the game was like since it was released a couple years ago. It wasn't too bad so far, but we'll see if it has what the others in the past had. Tomorrow is work and then my days off come! Well I hope each and everyone of you had a delightful Christmas. If you spent it with friends and family that's awesome. If you were like me and spent it with no one, heart goes out to you and I just want to let you know that you aren't alone out there in the world. God be with us all.

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