Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buried in Christmas Cards.

"The third thing of Christmas that's such a pain to me; sending Christmas cards...." That is from a song that was a parody of the 12 days of Christmas, and boy did I get that today. I think I was writing Christmas cards for a little over 2 1/2 hours, maybe more. They never seemed to end, and I was texting people for their addresses while I wrote and conversing with them as I texted, and then several people called as I was writing the cards, and so I had to multi-task. Eventually come 5pm I was finished with Christmas cards. I then moved onto making my famous three layer Perfect Chocolate Cake from scratch for the staff Christmas party at work tomorrow. That took another 45 minutes or so, and then I made myself dinner (chicken alfredo) and read the Wall Street Journal. I then made the filling for the cake and the frosting and then put it all together. By the time I was done filling and frosting the cake along with cleaning up it was about 10pm. I then had to take the trash out and mail those charming Christmas cards. And then when I was FINALLY finished with everything, I sat down and watched an episode of Law & Order SVU. Right now I am bushed completely. I was suppose to edit my second book and write the fairy tale but Christmas got in the way (but in a good way), and I really wasn't lazy at all today. I slept in late, but that is a good thing. I am getting over being sick and am finally able to solidly sleep through the night. Praise God! 10 days until Christmas. Wow! It just keeps getting closer and closer without relent. A good Christmas memory that I'd like to share is....when we'd go to my Grandparent's for Christmas we'd watch Mickey's Christmas Carol and it always warmed my heart as a child and brought a smile to my face, and it still does whenever I see it. I suppose not only does it remind me of the reasons and joys of Christmas, but also of the innocence of my childhood. It's nice to reflect upon a time when I didn't have as many worries or responsibilities.

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