Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Round Mates!

Another round of days off thank God. This past weekend wasn't really that bad, but it is always nice to have days off. This week promises to be very busy. I have the dinner tomorrow night with some of my really good friends that I have to prepare for, that should be an all day event. Wednesday and Thursday shouldn't be too bad, but I have a feeling I'm doing something on those days. Then I work on Friday and a double on Saturday which should be rather interesting. Work today wasn't bad at all, the SED's behaved themselves quite well and my writing group went very well and a number of the kids got involved with the discussion about the characters and other such stuff. I was so very proud. Well only 5 Days until Christmas. I keep hearing stories about people getting stressed and all of this last minute shopping. Unfortunately I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and picking up my chair on either Wednesday or Thursday. Wish it was tomorrow, oh well...Anyways. I remember for a Christmas Church play or paegant I was this one kid, which was one of the leading roles, and I got to sing songs like "Any old thing will do for you, any old thing will do. A used tea bag, THAT'S QUITE ABSURD, any old thing will do..." That is just some of what I would sing. I was trying to find the perfect gift for my sister or mother and was settling for something less when I could have done far better and more. Such good memories. Sigh....Have a good night

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