Saturday, December 18, 2010

1 Week Left!

Christmas day is in one week! My goodness I cannot believe that the time has flown so fast the past couple of weeks. Who'd a thunked it was possible. Work was fine, but there was one SED that was completely vexing from the moment I stepped through the door at 7am to when I left. Ya just want to wish that you could knock some common sense into the kid, but he is rather crazy and very oppositionally defiant. Bummer for him. Did a double, but fortunatley for me it wasn't a long one and I actually had fun with the kids and the staff that I was working with. I started watching this show called Damages starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne and so far I am very impressed. Great acting, dialogue, stories; such a good show, definitely up there with the same quality as Dexter. 7 Days until Christmas! One nice thing that we'd do at Christmas time when growing up as kids in a family is each of us would open one present at a time and then give a present to the next person and wait for them to open that. My mum did this so that everyone got to be in the spotlight while they opened a present. It was nice, unless it was something awkward or embarrassing and we did have fun with that. I think one time I put something very small in something very big, and then I put weights in it to mask how heavy it was. My sister and all of us laughed so hard; that was an awesome memory. I think the present I got my sister was the Sleepless in Seattle DVD. I love that film by the way. "Jingle bells backwards!"

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