Thursday, November 18, 2010

Worse than Crap.

The goal for today was to be relatively productive and relax. However, due to being irritatingly sick I was unable to do anything really. I woke up and did my morning to routine and as the day wore on I begna to feel progressively worse, and worse. Now I sound like the emperor whenever I speak, and the words that I am typing now are more than I have spoken all day. I had my roommate run and get me something with a lot of vitamin C and other stuff from Jamba Juice, so hopefully that will work and do something to get rid of this untimely illness. And not too long ago I was bragging in a way that I hadn't gotten sick since December 24th, 2009; that wasn't pretty by the way. Fever, coughing, blowing, spitting the whole bloody nine yards, and on Christmas Eve all by myself. Hopefully that does not happen again. To say the least I didn't write anything, but this blog, because I cannot concentrate while I am sick. Perhaps there are writers out there who can and I definitely give props to them, but I shut down all of my systems and vegetate. I did watch Notting Hill as something witty and humorous was needed to cast away the doom and gloom of being wretchedly sick. If my writing sounds rather like fake, or wannabe British that's because I saw that film. It is an excellent diversion, and I highly recommend it even after it has been released for so many years. In less than an hour a phenomenon that swept the world back in 2001 will launch the beginning of the end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 will be released. I am going to see it tomorrow, hopefully the worst of being sick is over but that may be wishful thinking. Those of whom are going to see it at the midnight showing, God bless you and I hope it's a lot of fun. I will be joining the ranks with my Elder wand soon.

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