Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Did the Day Go?

I swear I got up and was immediately busy. I went grocery shopping and the place was ridiculously busy; it would surprise you how many people do not know proper grocery shopping ettiquette. Fortunately that didn't last long, although somehow I spent a small fortune. I got home and began baking pies, starting first with pumpkin which actually turned out rather lovely. I am going to make the cherry pie after I finish writing this blog. Somewhere in the middle of the day as I was cooking and doing other stuff, I watched Immortal Beloved which is a biopic about Ludvig van Beethoven and features so much of his great music. Did I ever mention that Beethoven was my favorite classical music composer? Well he is, and then comes Mozart, and then Aaron Copland. It has a great cast, Gary Oldman stars as Beethoven, and it has been a film favorite of mine for many years. Some awesomely wonderful friends of mine came over to see the new Harry Potter film, and then we had dinner afterwards at my apartment. It was all splendid and we sat around and chatted for hours and hours. Thank you Joshua and Emily for being such amazing people and spectacular friends. Okay another mundane thing that I am thankful for is.....soap. Without it all of us would be smelly and disgusting looking as we spread germs and other dangerous microbial orgnanisms. We smell better because of it, and life is made easier, or we are less sick (if people wash with soap) because of this wonderful invention. Do we even really think of what life would be like without it? Thank you God for soap. Oh yeah, with everything going on above, that is why I didn't write anything but this blog. Hopefully before I go to some friends for Thanksgiving tomorrow I will have written something substantial. Well off to bake a pie, and then to eat it tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all!

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