Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yes I am once again writing/blogging from the comfort and warmth of my own room, and I cannot begin to say how wonderful it is. My finger tips don't feel as if they are about to fall off, and there aren't any vexing children in the background drowining out my music. My hike that I went on this morning was amazing! The country up in the mountains that we went through was breathtaking, what with all of the colors changing, and there were very few people. A quiet and solemn experience, but so enjoyable. The only thing was that it was quite chilly; had to wear the hood on my sweatshirt for fear that my ears were going to turn into ice cubes. I wrote that review of Mystic River and now I just have to write one up for Schindler's List and I am caught up. My roommate has Netflix and since he has an XBOX-360 connected to the internet we get it streamed to our television set. I found out today that they have season 2 of Lie to Me on there and watched a few episodes. If you haven't seen this show, you really have to. I have actually used some of the techniques of their deception detection where I work and other avenues of my life. The main character, Dr. Lightman, is also delightful, whitty, easy for the audience to connect with. I did some other lazy things and that was about it. Once again, I am waiting to do everything on my last day off. I am rather curious though on my long list of things to do what exactly I am going to get done. We shall see. By the way happy Veterans Day to everyone. Those who have served this country in the armed forces for the reason of protecting it and many times the people of the world, thank you very much. America and the world owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. God bless all of you.

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