Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cooking, Cackling, Crazies.

Well double Sunday is over at last! It wasn't all that bad honestly, the SED's were only a little hyper occasionally, but nothing like threatening physical violence fortunately. One of the kids though did make a rather nasty racial slur, but he learned very quickly not to speak like that again. The pies went over very well, even the crusts turned out fabulous along with the filling. The rest of the dinner was also quite delicious and the SED's loved it. I learned one valuable lesson; be certain that the turkey is completely thawed before cooking it, otherwise it will take longer to cook all the way and some of it will be over done. One more day left and then days off again and in a matter of days it will be December! I was walking out of work and thought I was going to freeze to death, and in southern California for that matter! How absurd is that? I use to live in the midwest of the U.S. and now I am a blasted wimp when it comes to the colder weather. Oh well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Perhaps that means my tolerance for heat has gone up as well. I guess it's not a bad trade-off. Well enough blathering on for now. My priority this week will be editing my second book and finishing the first half of my fantasy serial. Hopefully I can accomplish all of that this week. Good night people of the world.

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