Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seasonal Egg-Nog.

I went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make one of my SED's some chocolate chip cookies for his birthday and discovered that egg nog was on sale! I was so pleased and got an expensive, albeit worth it, half gallon of the stuff. I got home and drank some, and boy was it delicious.....Oh and the cookies turned out fabulous. Not quite certain what I did differently this time, but they didn't spread all over the cookie sheet and get all ugly brown and thin, but wee rather nice and chewy. Over the past few days my blogging has sucked and of course that is because my.....my.....oh what the heck! My severely immature and irritating roommate has yet to pay the bill which he assures me will be paid this coming Friday. Whatever. This whole experience brings to light wise words from Master Yoda; "Learn to let go of everything you fear to lose." I don't know if I was too clingy to something which I need to further my writing career, but it is always healthy to be reminded that what one has can be easily taken away. Overall the work weekend was fine and very little writing was done. My fantasy serial is stuck in limbo until I can figure out how to type it up and get it on my website from my roommate's laptop computer. And blast I am so close to being finished with it all. Oh well. More days off ahead, and it should be nice and relaxing hopefully. Tonight I am going to watch Mystic River, that is if my roommate's unexpected guests aren't going to interfere with that. Love to be able to post what I thought about it after watching it, but it is getting colder out here and the pool area will be closed. Well farewell all.

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