Monday, November 15, 2010


I've been sitting here for about five minutes trying to think of a good title for the blog, but nothing came to my mind. Very sad, but then again it has been a long couple of days, not entirely stressful, but busy nonetheless. Work was fine, I had the SED's in my group write and decode messages is the Star Wars language using the Aurebesh language to do it in. They did fairly well and even wrote their own little blurb using the symbols which was cool. Can't say much about the remainder of the work day. I barely raised my voice, and did only minimal prompting. It was a very good day, despite sleeping in until 11am, which felt unbelievably wonderful. Should be a busy week what with HP7 coming out this Friday, and apparently Josh Groban has a new CD that I need to get. Sleep well.

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