Friday, November 5, 2010

I want to Play a Game.

For the seventh year and time another SAW film has been released. As for whether or not this will be the last, who know's but I really hope so. Those movies are really intense and get under the skin really easily. Okay I have 33 minutes before I run out of battery power and there isn't an electrical outlet in sight. : The link is at the bottom for my SAW 7 film review. Yes I know it ain't pretty, but my vexing roommate's computer won't let me do it my usual way and I don't have enough time to fiddle with it. It was interesting to see and have everything come full circle, or at least that is what I think happened. Shifting topics, yes my roommate is visiting his parents and we still have no internet in our apartment. It still upsets me greatly but what can I do about it. I'm stuck with dealing with his stupidity, which is in itself most irksome. Other than that was lazy all day...very, very lazy. But I hope all of you had a great November the fifth and celebrated it in some form. 27 minutes left in counting of battery power. Rushing once again and my fingers are frozen from typing over a couple of hours. Tomorrow returns me to my work week. Here we go.http://https//

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