Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Hate Rushing.

The pool area by the leasing office closes in like fifteen minutes so I have been rushing to complete my film review of Alien and to also blog for tonight since my irritating, vascillating, and infuriating roommate still hasn't gotten our internet hooked back up yet. Oh how I hate being rushed, especially when I don't have what I'm use to doing all of my writing on. So this blog entry will be rather short. I cannot seem to the link for the review on this blog because my roommate's laptop computer is being stupid! But there's the trailer above. Did some editing today for my second book which was lovely, but very slow going still. Dear God it is going to take me forever, especially when I keep adding page to the large number already. Oh and the battery is running low without an outlet in sight! Grrr. So there it is, Hopefully I will be back in my room typing these up before the week is out, or my roommate is going to have to...well I'll think of something.

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