Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Found Dirt!

One of the SED's I worked with said that today as he was playing in the dirt. Me and a few of my co-workers had a good laugh about it. Work wasn't too bad today, although there were times when some of the SED's got particularly on my nerves, but for the most part they were unusually pleasant. There is this one SED who we call a "doodle noodle" because he was stretching on the couch in the dayroom (common room) all over the place like a spaghetti noodle. The people I work with are so awesome and funny; I am actually very fortunate to work at such a place depsite the wretchedness of the SED's. Not much else happened. My roommate is visiting his parents and he hasn't been in the apartment lately, which is nice to have the whole place to myself. Adieu and farewell.

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