Friday, November 26, 2010

Here We Go Again.

In a matter of hours I will be returning to my job, hopefully after a well rested night. I keep waking up during the early morning hours with a dry throat coughing my blasted head off until it goes away and then I am able to fall asleep. As you know my plan today was to edit my second book, but of course that didn't happen. It was quite a productive day, but I didn't do any all. I made pumpkin bread, pie crust, cleaned, relaxed and did some reading, but no writing. I was going to try, but my roommate and his friend threw my schedule off, and then my roommate had his mum and brother over which again threw off what I was going to do and after that I just gave up. Sometimes it isn't meant to be, but hopefully since my fantasy serial is so close to being completed I will be able to utilize the time that I would have spent writing that and putting the effort into my book. We shall see. Other than that, the day was actually quite boorish and uneventful. I hope that everyone enjoyed this year's black Friday and that each individual was able to attain many things on sale that he or she desired. I stayed home and chilled; not quite brave enough to venture out and compete with bargain hungry shoppers driving around...I'll give them all the space they need and more. Well as the saying goes, goodnight and goodluck.

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