Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"My father thanks you, my mother thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you." I can't remember which old actor said that, but he was quite famous and very talented, it just came to me and seemed to fit for the theme of the day. Anyways. It was a rather relaxing Thanksgiving Thursday. I slept in until an ungodly hour, but I figured since I was sick that it would be a good thing, not to mention I didn't get the most solid sleep either. My pies turned out fabulous, and I had a lovely time eating with Daniel, Jennifer, Victoria, Gabriella, Joshua, and the family uncle John. It was a blast, and most excellent dinner conversation; stimulating to the brain and sensible at the same time. It is not something I experience at my apartment very often. I spent a good portion of the evening there. I was however able to get a bit of writing accomplished today, even though I had to put it on hold for a few hours and then complete it which I just finished doing. A Tale of 3 Brothers: Chapter 37 has been completed and posted on my website! I loved this chapter, and I liked the previous chapter a lot as well. A lot of sorcery duels have been going on between my characters, and I always try to find different ways for them to utilize sorcery to duel with. I think I did a pretty good job for no forethought or real planning before sitting down and writing the chapter. I think you all will enjoy it, if that happens to be a genre that you enjoy reading. Cross my fingers and hopefully I will be able to complete a good bit of editing tomorrow for my second book, but I have so much I need to do, and don't even really want to do it. God help me. Okay another mundane thing that I am thankful for is..................Kleenex, or rather facial tissue. You never realize how valuable, necessary, and useful this stuff is until you are sick. I know we kill trees to make it, but hey I think the trees are making a good sacrifice. Imagine what would happen to your nose if you used Brawny paper towels to blow your nose when you are stuffed up? OUCH! Thank you God for facial tissue/Kleenex. One day left before work, but I am very thankful for my place of employment. I hope today that most people were genuinely able to find something to be thankful for. It is a very healthy thing to do for one's mind and soul. Goodnight.

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