Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Day...POOF!

I don't know why it seems so extraordinary difficult to come up with original titles for my blogs. Like now, I still can't think of one. The day was nice, but busy. Slept in for a bit so I got a late start, but then eventually I was able to get on with my day. I went to Target and got actually a few films: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Fantasia Duology, The Sword in the Stone, and Beauty and the Beast along with Josh Groban's new CD (a review will be coming) which I am listening to as I type right at this moment. First impression so far.....very meditative and chill like; like someone is being illuminated. Hey look at that! Perhaps that is how he was able to come up with the title for the album. So yeah on with the day. Of course the idea was for me to focus on my writing, but.....that didn't really happen. Honestly I really wanted to but, I needed to clean the apartment, wash some stuff, and clean several filthy spots in the carpet. Also, when my roommate came home from work we had a lengthy chat about....certain things. I had to make dinner and I chatted with me mum for a bit and I read a little Harry Potter before watching Thelma and Louise which continues my Ridley Scott film fest. Tomorrow will be Hannibal. I will be writing a review of the film, but the preliminary is this; I enjoyed it. Lots of good laughs. And that was my day. Tomorrow I don't think I have anything lined up to I am going to give everything I got and put my hands to the keyboard and finish the work that I am so close to finishing, at least metaphorically, or maybe that's wishful thinking. Also tomorrow I am going to be starting my own 25 days of Christmas. Each day will feature a favorite past Christmas memory of mine, and since I am almost 25 it will be perfect. God bless you, everyone.

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