Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost There

I am most likely within a few chapters of being completed with the first part of my fantasy serial. Today I wrote A Tale of Three Brothers: Chapter 36, and I thought that I did fairly well with constructing a duel of sorcerers, although hopefully I will out do myself in Chapter 37 whenever I finish writing that chapter. You know it takes a lot of thought to create magical duels and spells that are different from things that have already been done. I don't know how long I sat thinking of how each opponent was going to attack or defend from the other. It is fun though, to construct the whole thing. For some odd reason I was unusually productive today. I wrote a film review for Body of Lies since I saw that the other day or so. My Ridley Scott director binge continued today with A Good Year starring Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hollander, and a few others. Despite the lukewarm reception to the film, I rather liked it for several reasons; stay tuned for my film review. Other than that the day went by as it usually would. I had a lengthy and wonderful conversation with my sister Paula; she has a lovely singing voice, and is one fine cosmetologist. One day she will be making millions of dollars creating hair styles for mega fashion desginers, famous actresses, and perhaps even greedy politicians. Oh some advice by the way, don't ever put a mug that has gold coloring in the microwave; it just might be the real thing and not just the color. Unfortunately I am beginning to get sick, but it might just be the sniffles turning into a sore throat; we'll see. Time to get some sleep. May the Force be with you all.

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