Monday, November 29, 2010

100th Post!!!

I have reached the hundreth mile marker for blogging, and with the exception of the lapse of my writing due to my imbecile of a roommate neglecting to pay the bill, it has all been in succession. Not too shabby; hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Work was stressful. If you ever want to learn patience help a severely emotionally disturbed (SED) eight year old boy, who has textbook ADHD with a rather nasty, violent temper, complete simple mathematics homework, while also trying to monitor seven other children who have similar difficulties. This is what I do every day that I work, but that one boy was immensely irritating today. My writing group was also rather difficult. You'd think that asking children to think up minor characters from their own imagination or ones that they'd know would be a relatively simple task to accomplish, but apparently not. Oh yeah, teaching around on average 11 SED children to write is another chore. It is only with strength from God and a good deal of patience on my part that I am able to keep my wits together and not crumble from all of the stress. Well to the grindstone tomorrow. Book II and writing here we come.

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