Sunday, October 24, 2010

Velcro Alert!!!

An interesting title for a blog you may think to yourself. One of my co-workers coined it for one of the SED's that I work with, because she has the ability to cling to you just like velcro, and so that is what we call her. Fortunately for me and the others that work in the cottage that I do she moved to another cottage and we don't have the wonderful pleasure of dealing with her. However, she causes just the same amount of havoc in the cottage she transferred to. Tonight she ended up kicking one of the staff right in the face during a small altercation, and although we who worked in my cottage were sad, we were glad that we didn't have to deal with "velcro." It was doubles at work today; 7am-11pm and boy what a long day it was from exhibitionism to regular ole' punches to the face. Kids with severely emotionally disturbed problems can be so vexing. Thought up a number of good ideas for stories, but didn't have the time to write any of them down. Ideas come and go so quickly for me that I would have a massive library if I wrote all of them down. Well off to cope with the stresses of the night with smores, coca-cola and some Farscape.

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