Thursday, October 28, 2010


I think that is a word, but that describes this week for me perfectly. I have gotten very little writing done, but I must admit that I am very relaxed. I suppose I can't be productive all of the time otherwise imagine what life would be like all of the time. That would get a little old after a while. Went on my hike this morning and we could see all around San Diego and out into the bay because it was so clear. It was very lovely, but that was the only productive thing that I really did. The interesting thing is that I know where all of my time has gone, but am a little embarrassed I suppose to be so forthcoming in that involves a game that I have been speaking about in a few of my blogs. Yes the gamer in me has made a comeback. What can I say. It comes and goes; comes on really fast and furious and then leaves quickly. Probably not the best way to play PC games, but I could be doing worse things God forbid. All of this means of course that I did absoutely no writing, but I did think about it and ponder when I was going to write, but I ended up just not doing it. Kept telling myself, "just a few more minutes, after I make this goal," or rather, "at this time I'll stop." So much for my famed self-discipline. Well that's it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something to actually post, but brillaint me I pick the day when I have to do everything to do everything that I want and need to accomplish. I make life so difficult at times.

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