Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Long......Long.......Time.....

.......It took me to write this review of The Clone Wars: Season 2 but I think I covered most of the details for the season which I finally procured from Target today. I actually found it in a place that I don't remember looking or seeing it yesterday. That would have been really smart; I go to Target twice on the same day looking for something that is in plain sight. Why you think didn't I just ask someone at the store if they had it? Well, that is what happens when you have pride that keeps you from asking for help; an unfortunate weakness, but also a strength as well I find many times. The DVD set looks great, but with a few things that I wished would have been on the DVD. Commentaries which were on the first season weren't on this DVD, only a few commentaries, one more precisely on each DVD. Other than that and going to a meeting at work, I did very little. I am unfortunately on an insatiable PC game fix with Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. I am playing as the Galactic Empire on the medium level while attempting to beat both the rebel scum and the Zann Consortium. It is proving rather challenging, which is good; but at times I want to yank someone's hair out. I think they finally fixed the leak in my roof, now I can hope that it rains again as the weather today was rather warm than what it had been over the past few days. Writing for tomorrow; editing my book, but writing my fantasy serial for sure. Hope that I can do it all, oh and I have hiking tomorrow morning. Should be fun; I wonder if I'm getting in any shape?

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