Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is it Really Thursday?

I can't believe it is almost midway through October! I've actually been writing on this blog every day for about two months now consistently. How the time has flown. So wasn't, unfortunately, as productive as I had wanted it to be. I purchased the expansion for Empire at War the PC game, which was so delightfully fun that I played it for the better part of the afternoon. I haven't played a computer like that for so long in many, many months; almost a whole year or more now that I think about it. The whole scenario actually brings back memories of adolescense. Aside from that, I watched the film Juno and naturally wrote a review of it. I really enjoyed this film. It was witty and humorous, but down to earth and unlike any film of its type that I've ever seen. I think ya'll would really enjoy it. I didn't get to any editing of my second book, but there is always tomorrow. I so wanted to relax and sleep in all day, and I might have longer if the person I was meeting for coffee would have informed me ahead of our scheduled arranged meeting time that they wouldn't be showing. Twas irksome, but it gave me some time to read the Wall Street Journal in Starbucks and then I went to Target and got the PC game and...well you know the rest.

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