Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello, I'd Like to Play a Game....

...Such a great line. The only Saw film that I own is the first one which was amazing, and I still remember how shocked I was with the revelation of the film to this day. Tis a lovely memory to reflect upon. I saw Saw IV for the first time today, as it was the only one I haven't seen. I watched the sixth film as well. The fourth one wasn't too bad, but it truely did have its gruesome moments. Of the newer ones I prefer Saw VI but the fifth one isn't that bad. I'd rather see those than the second and third films. But honestly, although I've watched all of them I don't approve or like how violent they've become and how the tortuous traps play such a large role in the storyline. That wasn't how the first film was; it was more of a mind game then anything else. Now it seems that it has become more about the gore than anything else, although the sixth movie restored more of my hope. The seventh and apparently final Saw film will be released next week I believe, and in 3-D for that matter; it should prove very interesting, especially to see how they wrap everything up. Aside from my miniature Saw marathon, I did a lot of baking; made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and caramel for one of the SED's birthday, and snickerdoodle cookies for a co-worker who I hung out with and watched the Saw films with. I also got a haircut and a lovely massage from a terrific friend of mine. Alas no writing done, but there is tomorrow and the day after that. Plenty of time I hope, although there are more things to do on my list. It sucks that time and youth are so fleeting. It would be nice if someone could create a time catcher. Hmm....that gives me an idea for a story.

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