Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forty Days & Forty Nights.....

....And thus it rained all day long. I usually enjoy the rain, thunder, and lightning but today not as much. I decided to go into work for some extra hours and due to the landscape of our facility I was walking back and forth with some SED's in the pouring rain unlocking gates that wouldn't unlock and avoiding puddles the size of ponds. It was...delightful, not to mention not quite what I expected or was told I would be doing for today, but at least nobody screamed at me all day. The other reason why I wasn't really thrilled about it raining was because my apartment roof began leaking, and the location of the leak was in my bedroom. Fortunately it wasn't dripping on anything important, but I did have to move my DVD collection just in case the leak spread or the ceiling collapsed. I've never lived anywhere where the ceiling leaked before, and these apartments are supposedly newly remodeled. Anyways. I watched Fanboys, which is of course a film about Star Wars fans who make a road trip to break into Skywalker Ranch to catch a sneak of The Phantom Menace before it is released. I didn't write a film review because although it was funny, I don't really picture myself watching it again. The preview looked better than the film, at least in my opinion. There were a few times that really cracked me up, but overall not that great of a film, although the theme/message was very cool. I finished watching The Tudors and wrote my review on all 4 seasons which was a small undertaking, and I could have gotten more in-depth, but that would have meant writing a small book. To say the least, it is a great series and one I recommend to anyone with good taste in historical drama. Tomorrow promises to be very busy, but hopefully some writing will be accomplished. I don't know how I got so busy again.

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