Monday, October 25, 2010


Well today wasn't bad at all. It all went by rather quickly. I did a bunch of things for my writing group for work, which included making snickerdoodle cookies, which didn't turn out half bad. But work itself as I mentioned was good overall. Had an SED call me father and daddy as he was clinging to me like glue, which now that I reflect on it seems rather...well odd. Hearing that as a man is suppose to be something to be cherished and look forward to hearing, but in this case my training teaches me to be professional with my boundaries and instruct the child that I am not his father. The kid meant it I believe, or I'm not certain what he was trying to say. He's actually a really fun and decent kid most of the time, but has come a long way from very sucky circumstances. In my position as a Mental Healthcare Worker, I have to be able to care for the kids I work with, but still retain those boundaries encompassing physical and emotional. It sucks, but I defintely understand why they're in place. Well four days off here I come!

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