Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blah Day #2....

My attention to focus and write something down is nigh gone. All day was prompting and raising my voice so that on average eight children would listen to me, and even that was a rather ridiculous challenge. However, the day wasn't really all that bad as it could have been. The SED's actually did rather well of behaving themselves. One of the newer SED's that we just got last week created me a sort of candy corn magnet with legs, arms and a small face. It was better than her screaming and yelling at me all day. Oh and I had this really creepy and life like dream early this morning. Essentially I was dreaming that I was dreaming, and then I woke up in the dream and then after I shut my eyes, I heard this loud crashing sound followed by little scratching sounds. I felt a litany of what I immediately realized were hairy spiders all over my face and body. By that time I knew that I was dead and didn't struggle. I could feel the biting and stabbing from all of the spiders and other various insects, and slowly feel the poison killing me. Just as I was about to die I jerked awake in my sleep and quickly shook all of the covers off. Fortunately it was all only a dream and not a spider was in my bed. I must admit that I have the strangest dreams. Well, with that said; pleasant dreams everyone.

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