Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blah Day #1

Perhaps people may begin to tire of reading what I write on the days that I work since it seems to be similar every week, but I have this thing where I'm going to write no matter what at least once a day every day. It is true that each work weekend I'm exhaustede and stressed out, but not always. For example, today wasn't that bad at all. It was busy no mistake about it, but it went rather well. I made a birthday cake for one of the kids, and everyone liked it and said that it was "the bomb," which was nice to hear rather than "you're so mean, or "I hate you!" Severely emotionally disturbed children can be so.....delightful. Work was indeed what I did all day; from 7am-9:40pm (I had a break somewhere in the middle.) Tomorrow will be very similar, but hopefully there won't be any problems like today. Live long and prosper.

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