Friday, October 8, 2010

And....We're Back.

Oh the thrilling thought of being back to work again. How fortunate I am. I suppose though there are several people who think that way though. Oh well. I was able to edit some of my second book, but for some odd reason I was ridiculously lazy today, and I'm not certain why. I was watching Farscape tonight and one creature was able to make a perfect replica of the main character who was able to think and act exactly like him. In some regards I wish that could happen to me, that way I'd be literally able to do two things at once. If I have the time, I don't possess the energy. If I have the energy, then I don't have the time. Then when I have both, I am doing something unrelated to writing. I just can't seem to win, and am beating my head against the wall trying to figure it out. You know, these blogs almost seem like a confessional. I wonder exactly to whom I am confessing to? Once again to the breach and I cry woe, destruction, ruin, havoc and decay; the worst of these is death, and death shall have his day. My little adaptation of Shakespeare.

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