Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost There.

Well today was relatively productive. I went hiking this morning and it was lovely. I think I'm finally getting my workout, but I suppose it should be more than once a week for it truly to be good exercise. I got some writing done today although more would have been nice. I wrote Chapter 34 of a Tale of 3 Brothers, and it is shaping up fairly well. I am almost there with finishing it, just a few more chapters and I'll finally be done with the first part. I wish I was finished now, but I will complete it and be done with it. I watched Fargo with my roommate, or at least a good portion of it; my mother called in the middle and I chatted with her for a bit. It is a rather amusing film, a little gorey and strange but interestingly amusing enough. Frances McDormand was hysterical, and I loved the dynamic of her and her husband's relationship. Honestly right now I am very tired, and just finished a two plus hour conversation with my roommate about...all kinds of topics ranging from crazy to insane. Sleep well everyone, and may the Force be with you.

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