Friday, September 10, 2010

You're Making Me Angry!!!!!!!!!....

....That is what I heard for a good part of the day. This one SED kid at work was shouting and getting in fits for most of the day, and boy this kid can yell. He postured like he was going to punch me a couple of times, but he thought better of it. The rest of work wasn't too bad, but I was glad that it was over. I smoothed over my roommate's rent issue and I will get to live another month at this wonderful apartment community. I admit that Iwas lazy for the rest of the evening and no writing was remotely even attempted, although I did think about writing something. Ate some laffy taffy and watched Lars and The Real Girl; excellent film and rather humorous. Remember when I saw it the first time with my good friend Marcos. Hah! We had a blast watching that back in college. That was my night and day, and right now I am very sleepy, and so I am going to shut my eyes and hope that the crick in the back of my neck will go away as I dream of sugar plums dancing around graves.

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