Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's On Me?

Yes that was the story of the morning. As I was....assisting this one SED with finishing his morning oblutions he had some extreme difficulty following the directions I was giving. We teh staff present wanted him to take a shower because he was covered in urine from wetting the bed and laying in it all morning. He resisted and in doing so rubbed up against me and imparted some of the stench to me. I had one of my co-workers drench me with Febreze which helped, but it was a ghastly experience. Eventually he took a shower, which you would have thought might have been his end and the morning went much better. Writing done today? Am I kidding myself. I did a double at work, which might become more of a Saturday ritual, and therefore I essentially spent the entire day at work. Came back home to take a shower, check my email, snack, and watch an Episode of Farscape. I do believe though that I got a fair amount of writing done this past week. And exciting news f.y.i.; the new Clone Wars season has arrived! So awesome! I only wish that I had cable to see it, but I should be able to see the installments online as they are released. Well that's about it. The nice thing about my job is that I only have two more days of work left before my series of days off again. Such a wonderful thought.

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