Friday, September 24, 2010

What did I do Today?

Honestly I have no idea where the day went, except that I had lunch with a friend, paid bills, picked up my tux for the wedding tomorrow which was a nightmare. There was all kind of traffic and it was really hot, as it is suppose to be tomorrow. I then went out to dinner with some of the wedding party and family which was lovely, but that lasted for a lengthy time. I got back and did nothing really before I was exhausted and am soon to go to bed. Very boring, uneventful, and mildly stressful day. We'll see about tomorrow; I've never done two weddings on the same day, while being in one of those two, so hopefully I don't feel like a train wreck at the end of it all. If only there were more days or more time in a day to write. The quickly becoming story of my life.

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