Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a Day.

And no I did not have any time for writing at all, unless you consider me scribbling a bunch of driving directions down as something notable for writing. I did two weddings today and although it was long and tiring, it was well worth it. There is nothing like seeing good friends and good people married and wish them the best with it; as it is better that it is happening to them instead of me. So congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan & Emily Morse and Mr. and Mrs. David & Robbyann Oakes. God be with all of them during all of their adventures. One thing I learned is that driving in downtown San Diego is a nightmare, especially when you're uncertain about where you are going. But what's life without a little adventure. Now it's back to work full blast until Tuesday, and then I will be able to fully recover from this entire weekend and hopefully knuckle down and get a lot of my 2nd book edited.

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