Thursday, September 30, 2010

A week of Progress.

Well this has been a great week for progress. Not only have I written a good portion of material, but today I edited approximately 33 pages of my 2nd book! I'm actually very excited about that, and it is more than it actually appears. I am hoping that this new trend will stay consistent and that between doing that and working my full time paying job won't burn me out by the time I am finished. Although I have been wondering if I have been working too much having a full time job, a blog, a website, working on a second book, writing in general, and of course possessing a small social life while I am trying to relax as well. Huh. Well it at least keeps me busy and out of trouble for the most part. It's hard for me to imagine why I wrote some of the stuff that I did years ago for my second book. The beginning is going to be much more difficult to edit than the end. I state that because I was a much better writer at the end than in the beginning. Thankfully my college education made me a better writer, along with other experiences with writing as well. Reading adult fiction that wasn't fantastical also helped; because those writers really knew how to weave words together really well. People like Tolkien, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, Poe, Shakespeare, and so forth and so on (and yes I know most of them are British). The greatest stories actually come out of non-English speaking countries I think personally; China is a great source for stories and inspiration. I watched a whole documentary series on the Wildlife and life in general in China's countryside. Amazing describes it perfectly. Editing the book believe it or not took up most of the day, and then I was relaxing and reading the Merlin Trilogy which is picking up in plot. I just wish so many books didn't take so long to get into them; it's like you wasted all of that time at the intro just to get to the good stuff. Anyways, we'll see how productive I am tomorrow.

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