Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Slowly But Surely.

That seems how it will go for now. Despite all of my desires, I can't seem to write a lot every single day. Perhaps I am setting expectations too high for myself? Maybe it's just enough that I write something at least each day, not neccessarily a voluminous amount of material. Well, I did write Chapter 31 of a Tale of 3 Brothers and it was actually relatively easy to write this chapter and it could have been longer too. It was funny I began writing it and then decided that what I should have begun writing should happen after something else that I should have written before hand. This I didn't write in this chapter, but will rather do it in the next. I am making the chapters more serial than actually what you'd see in typical fiction format because I write them weekly like a television show. A lot of heroes and of course some villain stuff. I think the chapter worked out very well, and I actually sat down and wrote some history for Mordris, who is an awesome character for me to write. The boys are fun too, and will become even better when they grow up some more, but Mordris is classic, mysterious and powerful sorcerer; those are always fun types to write, and I think his character is going to end up being more interesting and dynamic than people think. Need to read more of Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy, but time seems to be something that I don't really have a lot of. I watched The Undiscovered Country: Star Trek VI with my roommate. That is my favorite Trek with Kirk and his crew; great film recommend it to every one to watch. And yet I have time to watch a film but not read. Hmm. Fortunately today was one of those days that I could write, but tomorrow...well...I guess I do have to have some sort of social life.

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