Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Same Old

Today was a mixture of accomplishments and vast irritations varied with minor bouts of boredom. I didn't get any writing done, yet the day wasn't that fun or even restful at all. My roommate botched rent and now I have to help him out with his part. I did get two new front tires for my car, and I got fitted for a tux for the wedding that I will be in this month (the tux was an incredible amount of money, for simply renting parts of fabric.) Trying to find the tux place was a challenge as I was figuring out the area and how to get around it, and for some odd reason there was a lot of traffic. To say the least I was vexed frequently throughout the day. I came home and spoke with me mum for a lengthy period of time; I think what we spend a good portion of our conversation on was how she and the rest of the pulpit committee are selecting the new pastor for her church. That was...interesting. I had pizza, helped my roommate figure out his finances so he wouldn't screw up again, made a pecan cake and then watched Transformers. That was essentially my whole day in a nutshell. Not quite the ending to my days off that I would have preferred, but life doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me on being predictable. Well here's to tomorrow, and the days after it.

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