Wednesday, September 1, 2010


...And yes there was a great deal of progress made today. Not a large volume of material was written, but I have accomplished a feat that I have been working on since the middle of June this year. I have finished writing the outline for my third and final book of the Warrior's Tale Trilogy. Now I can begin editing the second book, which hopefully won't take me forever so I can get it on the market as quickly as I can. Over ten years I have been thinking about the end, and now I have a rough idea of how the whole thing is going to completely play out. It is a remarkable moment for me. It really felt like the end of the whole trilogy as I was penning the words. It was an awesome feeling, and it is getting me excited about finishing up the second book so I can move onto the third, and then onto something else. There is a project that I've had in mind since I was creating my trilogy, and it is far from the world of fantasy...well for the most part. So Even though the progress was relatively small in regards to writing today, I think I accomplished quite a bit. And oh yes I was writing that outline for most of the day; it just wouldn't end. It had a life of its own and didn't care that my hands were getting tired, or that time was getting away from me. Here's to possibilities for tomorrow, and my last day off before going back to the grindstone. How.......exciting.

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