Wednesday, September 29, 2010


And yes being productive is a very good thing. Between reading, writing, and editing this was an immensely successful day that probably won't be duplicated as often in the near future. Hopefully that isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I do consider reality being a part of day to day life. If you noticed I also did some changing to the decor of my blog, which was badly needed. I think it looks less "blah," but I can always change it. That's what is so amazing about electronic editing; nothing physical to paint and tear down, just a matter of clicking and finding the right combination. I was quite fortunate to write Chapter 32 of my Tale of 3 Brothers. Upon reflecting on the chapter, it isn't that significant by itself, but as part of the larger picture very important. I'm getting so relieved that I am nearing the end of this series for now. I have had so many ideas for stories, short and otherwise but until I complete this I will be tied down. I also wrote a little news story on Star Wars in 3-D which is what the picture is all about. Since I am a huge fan of the series, this is of course very exciting for me and all of the other nerds out there. The series is also going to be released on Blu-Ray which is going to be nice for those who have it. I myself am a hold out. Personally, I am content with DVD and how it looks and am not really willing to spend the additional funds to get something that is slightly better. We do have a hi-def television set, but DVD's look just great on it. Who knows, perhaps I'll have to cross over eventually. But pricing remains a great determiner for me at the moment. Well, may the Force be with all of you.

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