Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Doesn't Feel Like a Day Off.

I couldn't sleep very long for some odd reason and I'm hoping that won't be an issue tonight. I did a whole lot of nothing today; very lazy. I sprawled out on the living room floor and didn't move because I was too tired to get up. Would have liked to have done a lot more reading than just the Wall Street Journal, but oh well. Wrote the review of Running with Scissors and that was all of the writing for today, tomorrow I'm hoping for it to be a little more productive in that regard. I watched the first two episodes of the new Clone Wars Season 3, and it wasn't too bad. I liked the second episode (Arc Troopers) more than the first, but I'd still prefer for the "villains" to win more than they do. Things seem to appear one sided with the "good guys" always winning or never really suffering for their win. The look though is different and a whole lot more polished, so I'm expecting good things as the season progresses http://www.starwar.com/. That's it for now, although my excuses for not writing seem to be getting thin. Oh well, the night is young.

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