Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It Comes and Goes.

Well today I felt very certain that I was going to write a lot and was gearing up for it, but then I got distracted by dinner and cleaning up afterwards. By the time that I sat back down to write what I was outlining, the creative energy had vanished from inside of me. Now that is irritating. One of the plagues of being a writer is that when that creative flow comes there's no blocking it or putting it off. Use it while it's there, or risk losing it all for that period of time. It is important, for me at least, when I'm writing and it keeps coming that I never stop until it is finished. I guess this is a lesson learned, I hope. Anyways. Since the creative mood left me, I therefore played a computer game and read some more of the Merlin Trilogy which is getting better as I continue to read it. The story of Merlin's magical development is just fascinating to me. Mary Stewart's approach is a little boring with so many needless details, much like Tolkien with Lord of the Rings, but it has captivated my attention. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have more luck with writing. I did however get a film review done, which is the only kind of writing that I seem to do consistently, unfortunately. Yesterday I watched Frost/Nixon and I was delighted by how well done it was, and it was also nice to understand a little of the Watergate matter which I heard a lot about in the mid-nineties. So today was rather chill. It's actually nice to treat days off as simply that; not a lot of work.

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