Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day Over Already!!!?

I cannot believe this first day off has gone by so quickly. I don't even know how it went by so quickly. I had a lengthy conversation with my sister for almost an 1hr & 45min over the phone. I did some more reading of my Howard Hughes Jr. biography, made myself some dinner and watched the film Milk. That was an astounding film, which I reviewed on my website (Milk). Talk about good acting and film writing; Dustin Lance Black crafted a very good story from the history of the real man Harvey Milk, and Sean Penn represented the man beautifully yet strongly. But yeah, that was amount of writing that I did today, which I suppose is okay as I was recovering from my busy work weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze some major writing in tomorrow during two tasks that have to be done. I still wish there was at least one more day per week; I simply do not have the time to write everything that I want to or need to. What I need is a clone of myself, or a cybernetic copy of me, something to assist me. I wonder how far technology is along in that area....?

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