Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Work

It was nice having four days off of work, I most certainly needed them, but no rest for the wicked. Tomorrow my nose goes back to the grindstone full-time. Today was a nice balance of work and play. Did some grocery shopping, a little bit of light reading, and I finally got around to finally editing my second book! It me a long time to do a little bit as I was editing something I hadn't really read since about 2005. I know, it took me a long time to write that book. In my defense though I did get a Bachelors degree from college, during which I had other jobs, was getting my first book published, and then all of the other stuff that happened last year, particularly with the launching of my website and keeping it updated. Slowly but surely it will hopefully get edited, and as quickly as I can as well. I was also reflecting at some of the stuff that I had written and I was thinking, why did I write that; it makes absolutely no sense. That happens to me occasionally when I look back on some things that I have written. Initially it looks good when I wrote it, but then I look at it later, I must have been thinking about God knows what. Anyways, I hope it all isn't like that. I watched a very interesting film, Running with Scissors. Didn't get around to writing a review of it yet, but I enjoyed it and am very thankful that my childhood wasn't that crazy. Finishing up making some pumpkin bread, apparently there is no longer a pumpkin shortage. Well time to go and get rested up for the work day tomorrow. Haven't seen the kids in a while so it should

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