Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to the old drawing board

A matter of hours before I'm back to work again for another four grueling days. You know, I think I might expect too much from myself every day where writing is concerned. Apparently in my mind, every day I'm not working at my job I should be writing a voluminous amount of material, not taking into consideration that I do have a full time job and a full time hobby trying to be turned into a career/profession. I think every now and then I should accept that I am not wonder writer ingenius that should work twenty-four seven. Now and then I need to simply relax and accept that it isn't always necessary to be productive, otherwise I might drive myself mad with accumulating failures or what I could've done rather than focusing on what I've completed.

Well despite my little cathartic release up there, I did get a fair bit of writing done. I actually went back and continued a fantasy series that I have been working on since the inception of my website. I do them in chapters and today I completed and posted A Tale of 3 Brothers: Chapter 28, which took a good bit of the day to write, edit and post but I am hoping to finish the first part of the series soon and then take a break from it. I have been writing the series (The Tale of 3 Brothers Homepage) for well over a year and a half and I'd like to move onto short stories that aren't serial based. It was actually a breath of fresh air when I finished the story of a secret SS assassin during WWII (SS Assassin Homepage). There were 35 episodes chronicling not only the rise and fall of Hitler's Nazi Germany, but also the rise and fall of my character and the deterioration of his conscience. Hopefully my fantasy series won't take too much longer to write. Several of my stories tend to drag themselves out despite the fact that I want to end them.

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