Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Back in the Sadde Again....

...Out where a friend is a friend..." and so forth and so on as the song would go. And yes on my first day off I did get some writing accomplished, and was also able to get a fair bit of reading done as well. I went and saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which was thoroughly enjoyable and of course I wrote a review of it, so I won't bother yacking on about it here on this blog. Read some more of the Merlin Trilogy, but it is tedious reading as Mary Stewart wrote it in such a way which reminds me of how Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings. Both are well written, but loaded with ridiculous details and langauge which makes me feel like I'm in the Victorian era. Hopefully that is not what it takes to write a good fantasy book otherwise I am sunk. I like to think that The Curse of a Warrior has good langauge to convey the character's thoughts and actions, even though it isn't as polished as say Tolkien. I did try though to make my characters more personable for people of today so that the readers could more easily identify with the individuals about whom they are investing hours of their time in. Reading a long book or series of books is like a relationship; you invest time and effort with the hope that all of your investing will not be in vain and will in return yield some desired result of fulfillment, happiness, or whatever the result may be. Rich detail is good, but it can bog the narrative down and the action can get lost in the midst of it as well. Even good dialogue moments between characters can become few and far between as the character revels in how orderly the soldiers march with their sturdy armor, glimmering swords, and resolute spirits as their commander shouts orders at them with his hands tighly cupped...and so forth and so on. As an author, my desire is to write stories that people not only like, but that can get people to think, and if possible to think deeply.

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