Monday, September 6, 2010

At Last.....

....My days off have come, but looking at them it seems as if they'll go by faster than lightspeed with all that I have to and want to do. Work was fine, a few problems here and there but nothing too bad. Made lasagna from scratch for the SEDs, which was a huge success, and I had cheesecake and cookies (also made from scratch) for my writing group. Today we chatted about science-fiction as a genre and what that is and how it looks; they seemed mildly interested. The whole day was essentially work from the time I got up to right about forty minutes ago when I signed out. I was able to squeeze in an episode of Farscape, right before I had to leave for work, and finished the first season. I must admit that I really like that show despite it's technical antiquity; really, really good characters and a vivid imagination. I should get more writing done tomorrow, but I do think that I need some, or rather a lot of rest.

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