Sunday, September 5, 2010

As Time goes......b...y.....

Well, I was actually able to go to church today without being called into work which was nice. Work however was another story. The first initial part of the shift wasn't too bad and I made pizza bread for the kids and they helped me out. During dinner though they were instigating each other causing problems, and as we say in our paper work; program consequences were given. All six children were soon in a mild uproar running around, screaming, not following directions, cursing, slamming doors and I already had a headache. But they calmed down and were fine for a while. The crowining moment is when two kids were antagonizing each other before their bedtime, later on in the evening, and one of them squirted toothpaste on my face, on my rather thick mustache, on my shirt, and all over my watch. To say the least I was rather incensed and sent the SEDs immediately to their rooms. After all of that (which was the shortened version) I am very tired and do not possess the mental capability to write anything of length, creativity, or original thought. I am therfore longing for my days off where I can finally write again. Oh Happy Labor day to all.

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