Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 In A Row.

I have worked two doubles in a row (that's about two seventeen hour shifts back to back). I am quite tired if you can imagine, and my body is so physically exhausted. Many SEDs required...quite a bit of my individual intervention which wore me out, but I was surprisingly in a great mood for the entire day. I got in a bad mood when an SED got toothpaste all over me because he was trying to...well...touch this other SED. Oh by the way this toothpaste was from a tooth brush that had been in his mouth. That fortunately happened around bedtime and so everyone was going asleep. I discovered how wonderful Jamba Juice is! I got the Strawberry Energizer, and boy that was delicious and money well spent; I could definitely feel the energy. I really wish that my apartment smelled like that place all of the time. No writing done whatsoever, although I was thinking about it. I'm actually sick of telling the same stories in conversation, I keep telling the same stories to different people; I think I need some more adventure in my life, or something. I think I may regret saying that. Oh well. Off for a snack, some Farscape and then sleep. One more day and then five days off; I'm in a wedding this weekend.

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