Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I like about Sundays

Sundays are right before Mondays, which is the last day of my work week (yes I work Friday-Monday 10 hour shifts), and that is why I like them. However, it isn't a great time for writing. Between church and work my entire day is completely full from morning to night, but even if I did write when I got back tonight the SED's were very irritating. One was a complete velcro headcase as she latched onto one of my co-workers and wouldn't release her no matter what. We had to pry her off of her, not to mention she attempted to bite, kick, scratch, and grapple us both. Such a great time don't you think. So yes I am using work stress as a cop out in this case, but hey, how much creative energy would you have at the end of the day if a prolific amount of crazy people haggled you all day long while in the process shouting and screaming obcenities and other such things?

Made a stop by 7-eleven, got myself some candy and some Cran-Grape juice and am getting ready to watch Farscape on Netflix. Hey a person has to unwind and cope somehow.

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